Comment Policy

Comments are only moderated for two three reasons:
1. Comments with too many links will be checked as potential spam. Non-spam comments will be allowed through.
2. Do not post personally identifying information (email addresses, phone numbers, living addresses) in your comments. They will be deleted edited to remove the identifying information.

3. Links to pornography will be deleted. Even if the subject of the post is porn, it can be discussed independent of links. I have nothing against porn but have no need to link to it from my blog.

You are welcome to provide links to your website, provided that you are contributing to the thread. Links without context or without accompanying comments will be treated as spam (see rule 1). If you wish to share identifying information, link to your site and post it there.

I will NOT delete comments because I disagree with them. While this is my forum I will provide a place that allows the free flow of information. Mocking comes free of charge but only to deserving individuals.

Changes to the comment policy will be announced through new postings.

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