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24 Hours

Posted by tungtide on August 27, 2008, 9:03 am

In only a meager twenty-four hours I will be beginning an exam that will determine my future in graduate school. The oral qualifying exam is the last hurdle before I achieve Candidacy for my doctorate. All I need to be able to do is convince five well-informed, expert faculty members that I know enough about my chosen field and area or research to continue to stay at the institution. Easy, right? I’ve spent months preparing and more than a month in intensive study and rehersal/practice.

After this is all said and done I will be doing two things (aside from the celebratory use of alcohol): taking a much needed vacation and updating this blog on a more frequent basis. As I said at the beginning of the month, August was going to be light on updates.


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Dream, Games, and Book

Posted by tungtide on July 3, 2008, 8:48 am

I had a rather strange dream last night. I somehow ended up playing a version of Rock Band that used a Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) pad as a substitute for the drums. To make thing more complicated the pad was five spaces wide by four deep, giving me twenty potential “drums” to hit at any given time.

The scrolling notes on the screen were designed much like those of the Guitar Hero franchise and were displayed five notes across. This meant that I was forced to somehow play up to five notes at once with only two feet, often in rapid succession. I do remember playing a handful of songs but the only one that still sticks in my mind is the Buffy Theme Song by Nerf Herder. Oh, yes, and for some reason there was a unicorn that would give you “quests” of songs you needed to complete.

On to more realistic video gaming, Diablo III is in the works. I enjoyed Diablo II so much that I still play it despite it being eight years old at this point. Then again, I’ll still play games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, so the shelf-life of games is rather long in my life.

Anyway, here’s a video clip of Diablo III in action (update: I couldn’t embed the file for some reason, try this link instead.)

Finally, for anyone who’s still with me after watching that, I finally got around to reading Ender’s Game. I saw the game for what it was but still felt that the ending was just a cheap shot to write a sequel. As a huge fan of Heinlein’s work I can’t say for certain how Card stacks up without reading more. Any thoughts?

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You Might Want to Check That

Posted by tungtide on June 30, 2008, 4:35 pm

I’m hardly the first, second, or thrid person to see this, but I couldn’t pass up posting it myself. It seems that the Americal Family Association’s OneNewsNow website will run a find-and-replace on words in news articles without looking into the context of the article. You can imagine, then, what happens when Tyson Gay appeared in an AP story about the Olympic Trials. The article has since been corrected.

Find-and-replace is not your friend

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IT Humor

Posted by tungtide on June 28, 2008, 1:39 pm

Just because I’m a big geek and have often thought about doing q few of these, I’m linking to Skippy’s List of 42 Things I’m No Longer Allowed to do in I.T. A few of my favorites are below.

Not allowed to randomly rickroll users upon login to the application.
Lolspeak is not appropriate for error messages.
Not allowed to use Star Wars references when naming new applications/modules; it makes Legal nervous.
If something makes me giggle for longer than 15 seconds, I am to assume that doing it will get me an invite to the HR Director’s office.
Not allowed to continue to explain to users what an ID10T error is.
Not allowed to put up “Happy Birthday” fliers for non-existent employees.
“If it was in your ass you’d know,” is never an acceptable answer.
Not allowed to execute a DoS attack on the network admin’s PC.
Not allowed to hide all but the decaf coffee.
Not allowed to name applications/modules/procedures in such a way that their acronyms would be sexually suggestive (Data In, Logical Data Out).

I don’t work in IT but suddenly I feel like quitting grad school just to sign up. Granted, I can do any of these as long as I have access to the network and administrator access.

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Lazy Update

Posted by tungtide on June 23, 2008, 9:46 pm

Between my highly sleepy weekend and the (now canceled) obligation for jury duty this week I haven’t had anything to post in more than a few days. Instead, I’ll link to a post at the Thoughts From a Sandwich blog on How To Create A Religion. In short, the answer is something like this:

How to successfully create a religion. Identify the problem. Resolve the problem by requiring humans to do something. Rationalize the dilemma of the problem continuing. Emphasize how special all the followers are.

I’ll likely find something in the next five minutes that will make me want to post again, but that’s just how this always goes.

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Photo ID

Posted by tungtide on June 17, 2008, 1:42 pm

I am required by the department at my school to have an official ID badge. I had my picture taken and submitted my approval through the online system. The result was this message:

Thank you for submitting the application for a [department ID] card. Your information is being your forwarded to [person] for verification. Once verified and processed, you will be notified as to the location where you may pick up the card. Please remember to bring a pictured ID card so we may ensure your card is being delivered to you only. (emphasis mine, spelling copied directly from website)

Why do I need a picture ID to pick up a picture ID? I’m pretty sure that my face should match the ID you’re handing me.

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Why Won’t My Lime Scan?

Posted by tungtide on June 11, 2008, 8:59 pm

I couldn’t help busting out laughing when I read this. Some flavors of stupidity are priceless

Update (6/12/08): I did notice today, for the first time, that a nectarine I was eating did have a barcode on the sticker. It was small and circular but could certainly be used to scan a piece of fruit. Presumably, it would need to be weighed (unless sold by the individual piece) following the scan. Still, the person might just have been ahead of the times.

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Random Made-Up Word

Posted by tungtide on June 2, 2008, 7:04 pm


The art of sleeping in a large bed diagonally, and realizing that it’s much more comfortable and fun than head-to-foot. Diagonalic sleeping can be confounded by the presence of a second person unless that person is significantly smaller than you or can be placed on top of you in a contra-diagonalic manner comfortably

(random made-up words are odd ideas that hit me in the middle of the night. If the word happens to be real and have another definition, I am unaware of it and it detracts from the humor of the situation)

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Random Thought for the Morning

Posted by tungtide on May 25, 2008, 10:52 am

You know you’re tired when you try to put your dirty laundry into the computer instead of the washing machine

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