About Me

I am Tungtide (also known as Dave in other circles) a 27-year-old, male graduate student working to get my Ph.D. in biologically-related sciences.

I am an atheist but don’t define myself solely through my disbelief. I’m also an avid gamer, cyclist, and TV junkie (see how I put the physical activity in between the two couch potato activities?) I am willing to discuss any and all issues and will happily be proven wrong when the situation arises. If you want to prove you can argue and write better than I can, you’re likely to succeed. I will admit mistakes once they are brought to my attention because I probably didn’t notice before.

Something annoying about me: In conversations I find that I’ll repeat something that I’ve said (sometimes three or four times) in almost the exact same manner if I didn’t get the reaction I expected the first time(s).

This is eerily accurate:

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