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Posted by tungtide on August 12, 2008, 12:18 pm

For the remainder of the month I’m going to be light on posts. I have a major qualifying exam to deal with at the end of the month that is already sapping the vast majority of my time.

A small diversion: My new favorite game while wandering around campus is to deliberately get in the way of bicyclists who are riding in inappropriate areas (sidewalks, no-bike zones). At times they’ll yell at me to move, and I can often point to the clearly displayed signs that surround the area. For the sidewalks I simply have to point to the bike roads that cross the campus (usually empty while they are riding on the sidewalk).

The game can be turned around when I’m riding my bike instead. Pedetrians will completely block the bike paths (in shared pedestrian/bicycle areas). After a few rounds of “excuse me” being ignored I’ll follow up with the “MOVE!” command. Somehow this annoys them. One pedestrian even told me to “go around,” indicating that I should move the opposite direction around the traffic circle and likely cause a major addicdent.

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