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Posted by tungtide on August 8, 2008, 9:48 pm

I have a variety of subjects that I am combining into a single post, mainly because I have it all in my head at one time.

First – A couple signs of times, or at least the economy. A local casino is offering to help casino-goers avoid making difficult decisions. Rather than having to decide whether to fill you gas tank or gamble away your paycheck, you can do both. (Seeing as how this is a promotion, the link will probably be incorrect after August 24, 2008. The screenshot below shows the state of the webpage on August 8.

Casinos are attempting to draw in crowds by offsetting the cost of driving to the casino. Other casinos are running monthly prize and cash giveaways. Even with the dip in gas prices back below the $4/gallon mark, it would appear that some forms of entertainment are beginning to suffer.

The other sign that people are seriously considering the cost of simply getting around can be found in shopping carts. There are a number of apartment complexes within walking distance of the nearby supermarket. In the last three weeks, though, I’ve seen a greater number of shopping carts appearing at distances farther from the store. My apartment is maybe a mile from the store and over the course of the two years I’ve lived here I saw only a single cart lying around the complex. In the past three weeks I’ve seen at least ten carts. Even some of the houses I pass on my bike route into campus have carts appearing in their yards. Things will unfortunately get worse long before they get better too.

Second – I’m a day late in coming across the post at Possummomma’s page, but was angered to find that there’s a counter-blog specifically designed to thwart her efforts. I don’t know P-momma personally and have only had limited communication with her, but have found her to be nothing but friendly and thoughtful. Her accounts of her life and family make it clear that she is a dedicated, successful, loving mother. The actions of the No Possum Zone are reprehensible and done under the guise of “love.” Oh yes, they don’t get a link because I don’t like them. If anyone’s really interested the NPZ is linked through the P-momma page at the beginning of this paragraph.

Finally – since anyone who’s read this far deserves a small treat. The Senate finally has a new album (also available on iTunes). I saw them live while in Seattle two years ago (on the birthday of one of the members. I even got to talk with his mom for a while which made the experience that much better) and highly recommend them. (Try to ignore my poor sentence structure and semi-channeling of (((Billy))), it will pass, really). To those of you in Seattle, find them and watch a show.

Update (a few minutes after the original post): The newer Senate album was released back in March, but I just found it yesterday. Based on when I was in Seattle it was Andrew’s birthday and I saw them in Cafe Allegro (under the College Inn off University Way near the University of Washington campus).

3 Responses to “MashupUpdate”

  1. DB said

    Being from Northern Nevada (Reno), I can honestly say that casinos will try anything possible to get your money, even if you are having a rough time financially. Casinos in Reno (and everywhere I am sure) offer people (and prey on those without bank accounts) to cash their paychecks each week for free in the casino and get a free drink token too. Of course the cashiers are always in the middle of the casino and they are betting people will play their luck someone between the cage and the door. Soooo sad.

  2. Thank you for your support. The last month has been surreal.

  3. tungtide said

    DB – I’ve been to enough casinos in my time to know that they are always trying to find new ways to separate me from my money. I don’t mind that part. I can make reasoned decisions just fine (most of the time). This promotion does smell a bit like “we are going to take your money one way or another, so you might as well spend it twice.”

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