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Wafer Thin

Posted by tungtide on July 11, 2008, 10:14 am

There have been developments in the whole wafer scandal in the last couple days. Following the hostage wafer situation in Florida, PZ Myers offered to desecrate a communion wafer if someone would be kind enough to smuggle it out of a church. This has offended quite a few Catholics for reasons that I understand but hardly empathize with.

It has, however, led to calls for Myers’ job and threats on his life. Neither of these is acceptable.

I’ll repeat, because this is the important point: PZ Myers has had his life threatened because he wrote about a desire to “damage” a cracker. No actions have yet been make on his part and yet the “safety” of a bland piece of food is more important to some people than the life of another human.

Friendly Atheist has a post on Wafergate (is it really necessary to name all “scandals” with the -gate term?) asking whether PZ’s proposed actions are appropriate. I would consider them in bad taste. He can make a more pointed comment in other ways, however, I support his right to say that he would like to desecrate a cracker and I support his right to actually do so.

The commenters on the Wafergate post discuss whether “emotional harm” or some such nonsense is reason enough to refrain from the proposed actions. While I don’t know the legal ramifications of “emotional harm” brought on my wafer abuse, I imagine that it’s shaky footing at best.

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