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Life Imitates Art

Posted by tungtide on July 8, 2008, 8:36 am

The morning news is often good for a chuckle or two before I head out the door, but this morning certainly took me by surprise. Currently there are wildfires burning throughout the area causing significant levels of smoke that obscures and limits the ability to see more than a couple of miles. As a result the traffic helicopter decided to hover over one of the nearby ports where dock workers had been unloading windmill blades to be used in wind-powered turbines.

Following the back-and-forth banter between the desk anchors and the helicopter reporter, one of the anchors turns to his co-anchor and says “Why don’t we just use the windmills to blow all the smoke away?”

If I had been drinking I would have performed a spit take. The next thing that ran through my mind was Morbo’s comment on windmills in Futurama: “WINDMILLS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY!” (Sorry, could not find a video clip)

Despite screaming this at my TV, not one person felt the need to correct him.

I shouldn’t really be surprised. The co-anchor has had her share of stupid comments too. After reporting on the use of organic honey as a treatmnet for allergies she commented: “Well, it’s homeopathic and can’t hurt you, so you might as well try it.”

I posted yesterday on Scientician about drug interactions and herbal remidies. Anything you put into your body is a drug and will have an effect. Whether it is organic, herbal, food, homeopathic, or pharmaceutical it will have an effect. I don’t know if the honey works or not, but that is hardly the point.

The truly sad part about all of this is that these people are the only local news team that I can stand watching. It would appear that (some) anchors are nothing more than talking heads designed to read from a teleprompter without any critical thought.

4 Responses to “Life Imitates Art”

  1. Janelle said

    I want to make sure I understand your frustration correctly. Are you upset because a windmill gets energy from the wind and it not a giant fan?

    Aw…come on. Couldn’t we just flip the “reverse” switch and turn it into a giant fan? That would be pretty fun!

    On a side note…I understand that smoke it annoying, but unless the fires are completely exterminated first, the wind is just going to spread the fire farther. Maybe the anchor wants to burn down California. Ah ha! We have an arsine suspect.

  2. tungtide said

    I’m upset that the anchor did not, apparently, understand that windmills are not giant fans and that the rest of the news team agreed with his analysis of the situation.

  3. Janelle said

    But did you ever stop to think that windmills really are giant fans and the new team is privilege to this secret information?

    No…you never thought that?

    Oh, well then you would be correct.

  4. tungtide said

    I’d say the local news team is much like Will Ferrel’s character from Anchorman. They will read anything that’s put up into the prompter without actually thinking about what they are reading.

    Okay, that’s certainly an overstatement but considering the nature of their profession (on live TV everyday with a reasonably-sized audience) there really should be some critical thought behind some of the statements.

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