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Hostage Wafer

Posted by tungtide on July 8, 2008, 10:52 pm

Events in real life continue to remind me of things that I’ve seen or read. It seems that a man named Webster Cook “stole” the Eucharist from a Catholic Mass by not actually eating the wafer during communion. Instead he kept what is essentially a wafer-like cracker for himself.

This sparked outrage in the Catholic community and they essentially acused him of kidnapping. PZ Myers put it best when he said “It’s a goddamned cracker

Still I couldn’t help but think that jazzing up the “body of christ” might help things a little so I dug this out of the Expliotation Now archives:

7 Responses to “Hostage Wafer”

  1. Janelle said

    Apparently Catholics get normal noses and Cheese Whiz lovers get odd pig-like noses and strange antennas.

  2. tungtide said

    Well, the comic centered (at least at the beginning) around two characters. Ralph (the funny-nosed one who is technically a Moogle if I remember correctly) and Bimbo (human) were the original Exploitation Now characters.

    The storyline shifted later in the comic to other characters but I always thought that Ralph was the funniest.

    Moogles are characters from the Final Fantasy video game series that have small little wings on their back, antenna, round noses, and white fur. Usually very cute (fulfilling the “cute” requirement for almost any video game out of Japan) they have, on occasion, become controllable characters.

  3. Janelle said

    Moogle-boy is kind of cute, but he looks too much like a drugged-out surfer to completely qualify.

  4. tungtide said

    His character is pretty much a drugged-out surfer.

  5. Janelle said

    He reminds me of Polly Shore’s character in The Goofy Movie.

  6. Tyson Koska said

    yeah… but you have to see what PZ’s done now… wow… http://truthisawoman.wordpress.com

  7. tungtide said

    I was logging into post about the issue and saw that you’d already commented on it 🙂

    I’ll post anyway

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