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Dream, Games, and Book

Posted by tungtide on July 3, 2008, 8:48 am

I had a rather strange dream last night. I somehow ended up playing a version of Rock Band that used a Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) pad as a substitute for the drums. To make thing more complicated the pad was five spaces wide by four deep, giving me twenty potential “drums” to hit at any given time.

The scrolling notes on the screen were designed much like those of the Guitar Hero franchise and were displayed five notes across. This meant that I was forced to somehow play up to five notes at once with only two feet, often in rapid succession. I do remember playing a handful of songs but the only one that still sticks in my mind is the Buffy Theme Song by Nerf Herder. Oh, yes, and for some reason there was a unicorn that would give you “quests” of songs you needed to complete.

On to more realistic video gaming, Diablo III is in the works. I enjoyed Diablo II so much that I still play it despite it being eight years old at this point. Then again, I’ll still play games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, so the shelf-life of games is rather long in my life.

Anyway, here’s a video clip of Diablo III in action (update: I couldn’t embed the file for some reason, try this link instead.)

Finally, for anyone who’s still with me after watching that, I finally got around to reading Ender’s Game. I saw the game for what it was but still felt that the ending was just a cheap shot to write a sequel. As a huge fan of Heinlein’s work I can’t say for certain how Card stacks up without reading more. Any thoughts?

3 Responses to “Dream, Games, and Book”

  1. nell's dad said

    I grew up with Heinlein, and in my opinion some of his work is unparalleled anywhere by anyone (Stranger in a Strange Land, Time Enough for Love, etc.). Heinlein set the standard in the early years of modern SF. I never thought to compare him to Card…but I enjoy a lot of Card’s work (A Planet Called Treason in particular).

    The only author I have read in the last few years who impressed me as much as Heinlein was David Feintuch, but Feintuch passed away a couple of years ago. His ‘Hope’ series was/is phenomenal, and he fortunately finished it before his demise.

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  3. tungtide said

    Stranger in a Strange land was my first experience with Heinlein and left me wanting more. I’ve since obtained everything I can find with his name attached to it. I mentioned comparing him to Card because I wanted to take a base of SF that I knew well and see how another author with a large following would fare.

    There have been two recent publications by Heinlein’s estate in the last couple years: For Us The Living is an early novel that had not been published and fits in well with his early work. The other is a book written by Spider Robinson using Heinlien’s notes for a never-written novel. It’s Heinlein-esque in many ways and I was happy with the finished product.

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