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Photo ID

Posted by tungtide on June 17, 2008, 1:42 pm

I am required by the department at my school to have an official ID badge. I had my picture taken and submitted my approval through the online system. The result was this message:

Thank you for submitting the application for a [department ID] card. Your information is being your forwarded to [person] for verification. Once verified and processed, you will be notified as to the location where you may pick up the card. Please remember to bring a pictured ID card so we may ensure your card is being delivered to you only. (emphasis mine, spelling copied directly from website)

Why do I need a picture ID to pick up a picture ID? I’m pretty sure that my face should match the ID you’re handing me.

3 Responses to “Photo ID”

  1. Janelle said

    Well naturally it is easy to look like one picture, but two…that’s nearly impossible. Personally I require a face-forward and a profile picture, and ear lobes must be present in both pictures or the deal is off.

  2. tungtide said

    That might make credit card purchases a little more difficult. Have you been running into people that look different face-first as opposed to in profile? I’d be concerned about those crazy two-dimensional life forms, maybe, but I haven’t seen them reach human size quite yet

  3. Janelle said

    Yes, that has occurred, thus the requirement of both pictures. It is easy to claim to be the same face-forward person. You just comment that you lost or gained a lot of weight, or that you cut or grew your hair. A profile picture, however, is much harder to fake. Plastic surgery records help.
    The two-dimensional life forms are harder to identify in pictures, but luckily you can just hold them up to the light and look for the validation watermark.

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